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The General F O U R Parameter Method Print E-mail


1 = R E L A T I V I T Y

2a = V A R I A B I L I T Y

according to the LEV LANDAU Rule

3 = C O N G R U E N C E

4 = C O M P A R A B I L I T Y

2b = preserves S Y M M E T R Y

by returning to the both identities A and B.

1. R E L A T I V I T Y by e.g. WEBER-FECHNER Law

2. R E V E R S I B I L I T Y

3. C O N G R U E N C E and

4. C O M P A R A B I L I T Y

are applicable to a lot of non-chaotic natural laws, disciplines and systems.

After all the General FOUR Parameter Method starts out from FOUR dif- ferent and ingeniously chosen partial solutions which - and this is the crux of the matter - lead to an OVERALL solution to the problem studied



Note on the mysterious figure 4 Print E-mail

Note on the mysterious figure 4

  • The PAINTERLY Music – note by note ! is based on 4 assumptions.
  • The Law of Universal Gravitation requires 4 parameters.
  • Aesthetic perception is based on 4 select principles.
  • The DNA has (only) 4 letters to describe everything alive, yet no two peas are alike.
  • Even the highly complex neural network of our brain can be described in detail using just 4 parameters:
    • its architecture,
    • variations in the bonding between neurons,
    • the bonding polarity, which can be obstructing or stimulating, and
    • the ability to integrate, enabling a neuron to respond within milliseconds.

It is also notable that all these fours have one thing in common: each one combines

  • one pair of SYSTEM-PRESERVING parameters and
  • one pair of SYSTEM-DIVERSIFYING parameters.

This reminds us of actio-reactio, HEGEL or hormonal actionists-antagonists. Those four run up and down the complexity ladder like crazy – from maximum diversity to a few practicable solutions that we (occasionally) arrive at by thinking things through.

But one question remains unanswered:

Why the figure 4 ?

Are 4 participants required for the game of games – life (incidentally: chess too has only 4 categories of pieces) – to attain the basic combinatory pattern that opens up all the options – from the simplest to the most complex diversifications?! It is only when we come to God that all diversity is excluded – thanks to God being a Trinity.

And what do the mathematicians say about the mysterious 4 ?

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Die mysteriöse Zahl 4 und das menschliche Gehirn

Vier Gruppen zu je vier Grundparametern scheinen das menschliche Gehirn auszumachen:


  1. Vier STATISCHE Gundparameter

1.1 Architektur des Gehirns

1.2 Kopplungsstärke zwischen den Neuronen

1.3 Polarität der Neuronen: erregend oder hemmend und

1.4 Fähigkeit zur Integration: binnen Millisekunden weiß das

                    Neuron, wie es zu reagieren hat.


  1. Vier DYNAMISCHE Grundparameter (Codes)

         2.1 Aktivierungspotentiale

         2.2 Neurotransmitter

         2.3 Chemische Neuromudolatoren

         2.4 Kurz- u. Langzeitmodulatoren

               (Neuropeptide und Hormone)


  1. Vier FUNKTIONALE Grundparameter

         3.1 Parallelverarbeitung und Schaltkreise

          3.2 Hierarchien und Repräsentationen

         3.3 Diversitäten und Schleifen

         3.4 Multidimensionale Aufgabenteilung


  1. Vier DOMÄNEN des Denkens

4.1           Wahrnehmung (Input)

4.2           Fühlen und Bewerten

4.3           Erinnern und Vergleichen

4.4           Planen und Bewirken (Output)


Die vier funktionalen Parameter sind reine Worthülsen, denn wir haben keine Ahnung, wie das hochkomplexe Gehirn funktioniert Aber dass je vier Grund-Parameter reichen, davon bin ich überzeugt, weil die mysteriöse Zahl 4 jed-wede Komplexität und Vielfalt garantiert.



Peter Hulatsch       Kaisermühlen,am 21.Oktober 2012



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